How We Got Our Start


Whistle Jacket Farm was founded in 2000 in Racine, Wisconsin, and was a successful boarding facility there for 14 years. After moving to Ohio, we decided to build a new stable to house our horses and create a beautiful, functional training facility for boarders. This was our opportunity to create the perfect barn, so we added many of the features to the new barn that we have found provide a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment for the horse and rider. We cater to the needs of horses and riders in the Hunter, Jumper, Dressage and Eventing disciplines. “My love for horses and the desire to provide the best care was a reason for opening Whistlejacket in Lebanon, Ohio,” says Jennifer. “Currently competing in jumpers, I look at competition horses as athletes. These horses require careful observation, quality food, attention to attitude, training, safe turnout, medical care and farrier services …  so much goes into the partnership with your horse, from training to emotional devotion. My vision for Whistlejacket Farm was to create a top quality training facility for horses and riders.”



After their third child, Jennifer had to make a choice between her medical sales career, riding and raising three kids. To her satisfaction, she was able to choose raising her children and riding her horses over her career. In 2011, they moved to Ohio, and were presented with the option of boarding Jennifer’s horses or building a new barn. They decided to reproduce everything they had in Wisconsin, but even better. Now, Jennifer is extremely happy with her new facility and enjoys traveling to Jumper and Dressage shows. 



“It was fulfilling to me to have great people to ride with and make some lifelong friendships through horses,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer has always loved horses, and though she took some lessons as a kid, put off the horse life while she pursued swimming. Swimming took her to Arizona State University, but her love of horses and never left. After college, Jennifer moved to the Milwaukee, WI area and found a great coach to help her start competing in eventing. Jennifer rode for many years with top-level trainers in the Milwaukee area, competing all over the mid-west. In addition to the dedication that goes into producing competitive eventers, Jennifer had a full-time career selling cardiovascular stents to doctors and hospitals in Wisconsin, which enabled her and her husband to purchase a farm in Racine, WI in 2000. Shortly after moving her horses to the first Whistlejacket Farm, people started knocking on the door asking to board; it was one of the nicest barns in the Racine area. Jennifer and Tom took the plunge, hired a barn manager, and took in 15 boarders. 

Jennifer & Tom Daulton: Owners